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Happy 17th Birthday to Jung Cha Woong - a student on board the sunken ferry in South Korea who sacrificed himself to save his classmates during the rescue. 


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Feminism is knowing that you don’t have to wear things to impress a man

Feminism is also knowing that it’s okay to wear things to impress a man if you want to

Society forgets the first part, tumblr forgets the second part

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"I like my hair messy. My love wild. And my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with passion."

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" i want a 6’3 boy "
bitch you need a job

have a seat 

men have preferences out the ass
"i want a girl with big boobs, thick thighs, a big ass, a tiny waist, long hair, no makeup, preferably a mix a mix between beyonce and a kardashian"

but if a girl has one preference, suddenly she’s an unemployed bitch

fuck outta here with this bullshit this post is trash 

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Umm you don't have lots of weight to lose why are you on here? The fitblr community is for people who have actual weight to lose (like 50+ pounds)



I know I don’t have tons of weight to lose, but I do have lots of bad habits to lose. Before tumblr and the fitblr/healthblr community I used to overeat, never exercise unless absolutely necessary and I hated myself so much. Although one of my main goals is to get into a healthy weight range, I also want to make myself happy and healthier.
Without tumblr I probalby wouldn’t have the motivation to try running or to eat healthier, and I know I certainly wouldn’t have found so many amazing people doing similar things.

I’m sorry but the fitblr community is not only for people who have 50 lbs or more to lose, if that’s what your looking for then please feel free to follow all of the amazing people who are trying to accomplish that. But please don’t send nasty messages to people just because they don’t have what you deem “lots of weight” to lose. Whether someone is trying to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds it is never okay to attack them, especially when they are trying to better themselves.

The fitblr community is for whoever the fuck wants to be here.